Problems Obesity Can Cause

Problems Obesity Can Cause

Most Common Diseases and Health Problems That Are Caused by Obesity and Being Overweight

Obesity is generally a clinical condition that poses health risks. Obesity is storage of excessive fat in the body which is measure by the body mass index. In medical sense, obesity is bad because there is no movement of calorie from the body. People become obese when they lack exercise and takes in too much calories that are not necessary. In effect, the body is prone to health problems. Below are types of diseases that arise from obesity or being overweight.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases. The heart and blood flow is the number one affected system when one is overweight. There is the congenital heart failure where the blood finds it difficult to pump blood. This is usually because of excess fats or plaque that gets stuck on the artery or vein walls. There is also enlargement of heart due to thickening of the heart muscle. Then a pulmonary embolism may also become a health problem. This is when the pulmonary artery gets blocked due to fat, amniotic fluid, or blood clot. All these pose risks to stroke or sudden death.

2. Endocrine Disease. Obesity can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a dysfunction of hormones wherein the androgens or male hormones in women are very productive. This causes cysts in the ovary or cause irregular menstrual period. Obese women also have the tendency to have abnormal menstruation. The major effect on this is infertility.

3. Gastrointestinal Disease. One disease caused by obesity that is related to gastrointestinal system is gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This is associated with heartburn or chronic stomach pain.

4. Liver Disease. The fatty liver disease happens when excess fats build up in the liver causing inflammation. This could lead to liver cancer or untreatable liver scarring. Another liver disease caused by obesity is gallstone. This happens when the bile of the liver hardens due to too much cholesterol.

5. Renal and Urinary Diseases. Obesity can cause urinary incontinence (loss of control in urination), renal failure (failure of the kidney to excrete waste and electrolytes conservation), and breast and uterine cancer.

6. Skin and Appendages Diseases. People who are obese can develop stretch marks or fine lines on the skin when they abruptly gain weight. There is also the development of cellulites that are associated with redness on the skin. It is also possible to have carbuncles, which are skin infection from hair follicles that forms into lumps.

7. Musculoskeletal Disease. Obesity also affects the muscles and bones of the body. There is the high level of uric acid that can cause gout. Then there is also the osteoarthritis that is associated with loss of cartilages in joints. Arthritis is also common to obese people. It is associated with chronic back pain and pain on the legs.

8. Respiratory Disease. The respiratory system is the second most affected systems in obesity. This is because there is obstruction in breathing. Most obese people develop obstructive sleep apnea or the cessation of breathing in between sleep.

9. Psychological Diseases. Most obese people develop depression and low self-esteem.

People should only take in food that their body needs and should have regular exercise to burn the calories. Otherwise, if they store up more and more unwanted calories they are at risk of being overweight.

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